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I love it when a good plan comes together

Over the years I have studied space and looked at just about every image ever taken of it. In some of my past films we used Hubble data to create title sequences and such but always thought it would be awesome to create it from scratch.

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So thank you

We dreamed a dream – woke up and lived it We had the music in our hands The drops of rain – became a river And now it’s time to end this dance – So thank you

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Smile, you’re on Hubble’s camera!

Saturn, the ringed giant, is one of the solar system’s most photogenic planets, and in this latest Hubble Space Telescope (@NASAHubble) view, it is especially so because Saturn’s magnificent ring system is near its maximum tilt toward Earth.

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This is the bizarre video ‘leaked’ online

This is the bizarre video 'leaked' online

The Black Knight satellite is famous among alien hunters who claim it was planted by another race thousands of years ago in order to keep a watch over us This is the bizarre video ‘leaked’ online that conspiracy theorists claim shows the destruction of an ancient alien satellite..What’s your thoughts 💭 on this guys could this satellite have been destroyed, …

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В фильме доктор Стивен Грир рассказывает об извращённой версии американской демократии, кто на самом деле управляет медиа и распоряжается бюджетом страны, и почему они так тщательно скрывают факт существования НЛО. Дают интервью бывшие политики и военные, ставшие очевидцами НЛО и вынужденные хранить знание в секрете. Уделено внимание способам получения энергии, которые могут лежать в основе летательных аппаратов пришельцев, а так …

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