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UFO over North Carolina January 25th 2019


Yesterday while walking around outside looking for birds to film and photograph I noticed a strange flashing light in the sky near an airplane. It was moving slowly in the sky, a little slower than the planes flying around. I could see the random flashing coming from the object for about 10 seconds. I tried to film it with my …

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Some incredible vision of suburban Townsville this morning – shot by residents of Annandal


The extent of Townsville's flood crisis is all too evident from the air 😔 This is some truly devastating video captured by QGAir Rescue 521 today. 📹: Queensland Government Airhttps://t.co/k3mfddTVAn#bigwet pic.twitter.com/yCQn11HpF9 — ABC Brisbane (@abcbrisbane) February 3, 2019 * Drone vision of the Burdekin River in flood over Macrossan Bridge, west of #Townsville—taken by Charters Towers Regional Council. There are …

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Helping a wolf to get out of a trap


Idaho has a bounty of $1000 each on them right now. Weve watched as wolves killed a dozen elk in a hour or less teaching the younger ones how to kill only to leave them for dead and not eat them at all. Its really bad right now.

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