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Lagoon disappears in Mexico in less than a day

After hearing a great noise, the locals were able to appreciate how their natural environment disappeared completely in a few hours, which can stop the revitalization project of the area.

All the water in the Om lagoon, also known as Chakanbakán, in southern Mexico, has disappeared in less than a day. The landscape has been disrupted by this event: before, a natural space between the Calakmul biosphere reserve and the Jaguar Sanctuary; now, a sinkhole full of mud and dead fish.

According to the locals, it was last Sunday when they heard a roar of great intensity that culminated, in a very short time, in the drought. The consequences can be seen at a glance; a great mass of mud and hundreds of dead fish have been the result of the catastrophe.

The next day, Francisco Reyes already knew that the only thing that remained was a stream and a sinkhole , and this governor of the area gave the warning so that representatives of the Government would come to the place to try to find the causes of what happened.

One possible explanation is provided by José Luis Blanco Pajón, delegate of the National Water Commission in the neighboring city of Quintana Roo. According to the expert, the fact may respond to a phenomenon called ‘xuch’. Also, in a meeting with the media, he said that the same scenario could be repeated in the surroundings .

Xuch is a phenomenon that occurs when the underground layers of earth that are below the weight of the water in a lagoon are flexible, so that sometimes they give in to the weight and break , so a hole is opened and the water filters to underground rivers.

That responds to the holes that have been found : “For now there are three, the largest of ten meters in diameter; the second between five and six, and the smallest of about three meters, all located on the north side of the lagoon and comprising about 20 hectares, “says José Luis Blanco.

As for the technical details, it can be summarized that the affected area does not exceed 40% of the total , which is 50 hectares. On the other hand, the remaining percentage has not been affected by a natural dam.

Also, this catastrophe could have serious consequences in the plans that the inhabitants of the area have proposed. A year ago they started a project with the intention of providing services to the place and thus to bring more tourists , as reported by Leopoldo Santos, president of Om’s ejido.

Even so, do not despair: “The biologists who are here have told us that it is a natural phenomenon, but this definitely affects us, although we trust that we will be able to raise it and take advantage of the tourist potential of the area,” the president said. to local media.

However, the alert also extends to the animal kingdom, since five species of felines from the tropics, such as the jaguar, ocelot, tigrillo, puma and jaguarundi, live near the area, some of them in danger of extinction .


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