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Sun Pillar, 6 clouds

Sun Pillar

Strange sky phenomena: Eerie sun pillar illuminates 6 conjoined triangle clouds floating above channel Big B thank thebigtheone.com

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Гало может появиться вокруг Солнца и Луны, а иногда и вокруг других мощных источников света, таких как уличные огни. Самый яркий и полноцветный вариант гало, паргелий, возникает из-за преломления солнечного света, проходящего через кристаллики льда, которые формируются в перисто-слоистых облаках.

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Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing

Scientists from NASA Goddard have discovered that not only are Saturn’s rings younger than previously thought, but also that the rings are actually disappearing at a rapid pace through a process called “ring rain.” Learn more about this phenomena in this animated video.

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I love it when a good plan comes together

Over the years I have studied space and looked at just about every image ever taken of it. In some of my past films we used Hubble data to create title sequences and such but always thought it would be awesome to create it from scratch.

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