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Mysterious music drifts across the Delaware River into New Jersey

A video taken by Carol Napoleon Hampton on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018 along the Delaware River in Pennsville records music coming from Delaware. The music has been annoying Salem County residents for weeks. The source is unknown. (Video provided/ Carol Napoleon Hampton) Mystery noises being heard across the Delaware River

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Перед лицом катастрофы

Перед лицом катастрофы легко дать волю чувствам, пасть духом и стать полностью поглощенным жалостью к самому себе. Но не будет никакой пользы, если бездействовать или, как страус, «зарыть голову в песок», надеясь, что это просто плохой сон, который вот-вот кончится. Так не будет, а с таким отношением к проблемам ситуация очень быстро станет еще хуже. Только позитивные действия помогут вам …

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According to the believers, the birth of the red cow is consistent with the prophecy and means the approach of the Apocalypse.

On the 17th day of Elul, 5778, (August 28, 2018), a red heifer was born in the land of Israel. The red heifer candidate is being raised and specially cared for under the auspices of the Temple Institute’s ‘Raise a Red Heifer’ program. One week after its birth the heifer underwent an extensive examination by rabbinical experts, who determined that …

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Strange loud sounds

Sr. Marie Jehannet (Catholic priest, born in 1850, at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.): “There will be a three-day Darkness in all nature; for three nights and two days there will be a continuous night. A sign of the approach of these events will be strange loud sounds – the strangest, ever heard.

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