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Angel of Lightness predictions for 2018

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light
Dear Readers,

As it has been my tradition, I release Today in the festivity of Epiphany, in honor of the Holy Magi visitation to the baby Jesus Christ, who are the Saint Patrons of Astrologers, seers and Psychics, my predictions for the incoming year.

This is what I perceive coming along the following 12 months for the world:

1) The resolution about the internal national crisis of political scandals will arrive in the congress causing grave social turmoil a long the country, specially in the far west States.

2) There will be a extremely complicated international security and political crisis in far east, one that put the world in to the worst moment since WWII. This crisis will explode around an extreme offensive belic action in the Japan sea, we will be transported to a kind of 1962 Cuba looklike crisis.

3) Iran and Venezuela will appear as the nations with more internal political agitation in the world, their regimes will face literally rebellions everywhere. We will see there riots, energetic protests in streets, even military or armed rebellions.

4) There is a very complex outcome from the internal crisis in the USA, possibly the worst institutional confrontation between powers since the civil war. America will be more divided and polarized that never before in more than a century and a half. This will take form after many weeks of riots and lack of governability.

5) Israel will experience a year of terrible internal violence, there will be another Intifada among the Palestinians with a lot of International support from the Arab world. The integrity of the American Ambassador in Jerusalem will be seriously in danger, he could end as Ambassador Stevenson in Benghazi.

6) From the terrible crisis in far east we are going to see clearly an international reaction that instead to ease it will transform it in a terrible mess. Only an intervention to stop it that only could be attributed to God, responding prayers from all around the world, will cut it before the world falls in abyss.

7) Natural disasters of high energy will arrive along almost all the year, there will be so strong hurricanes, specially over the large Antilles. It is likely we will see another perfect storm loolike 1992 in the North Atlantic and extremely cold winter over North America and as well as over Europe.

8) Powerful earthquakes will shake the world, many areas will be severely affected including north Iran, Venezuela-eastern Caribbean, Indonesia, India-Pakistan border, Turkey, Greece, south Italy, North eastern Australia-New Zeland-New Caledonia, western Colombia, middle and southern Chile, Central America and the USA( Pacific coast, be careful please with this beginning of month, late winter or Early spring and late summer, seismic activity will reach a peak on those periods and it will be really Intense, mega scale is in its way, be prepared even for volcanic activity.).

9) This is a year of a drastic change on the way global economy had been performing along decades, the crisis in far east I already referred to will determine a need to restructure many mercantile economies that depend on products that will No longer be manufactured and supplied from there.

10) a New strategic defense technology based on control and telecommunications will appear able to neutralize the danger of nuclear missiles attacks. Who ever develops it first will dictate conditions to the rest of the world and it is Not clear for me that it will be America the first, although a scientist team in New England will be researching effectively on that.

11) China will surprise the world with new extraordinary achievements in their space career. We will see them doing a lot of progress in exploration of the Moon as well as in manned missions to the orbital space station. India and Iran will also boost their space programs.

12) A very important figure in the Western hemisphere will die close to the date of the international crisis in Far East somewhere in the Caribbean or south of United States. Another personality one will also collapse fatally somewhere in Middle East or Eastern mediterranean.

13) The crisis of far east will explode by the summer when either the Olympics in Korea and the World cup in Russia will be already successfully performed. Everything will be unexpected, astonished, No preliminary increase of tensions will precede it.

14) England could enter in its strongest crisis of succession since the abdication of Edward VIII of 1936. The King on wait will face a national movement of rejection to his rule, so intense that he possibly will give up his plans to ascend to throne.

15) France will be intensively involved in conflicts this year either in the far east crisis and in its own internal one against Islamic Terrorism. Spain will be able to overcome the crises of the regional autonomies after a smart political negotiation. King Felipe VI will be at his most challenging hour but he will find his path to better times.

16) Mexican an Russian Elections will derive in the most Intense, competitive and possibly tied have seen along their post modernity History. The opposition forces will perform incredibly effective to challenge the status quo in both countries, but anyway the outcome will be peaceful and democratic.

17) The Russian and Chinese intervention in the far east conflict will decide the future of all that region, we will see drastic changes in the Balance of power on it, unfortunately that will affect even borders and the relative independence of Nations.

18) Colombia, another important country with intense political process in 2018 will have a relatively stable transition through elections toward their next government, the peace process will survive the Santos Administration and the next Administration wil have to deal with the humanitarian crisis that the Venezuelan civil war triggers.

19) The Vatican diplomacy will move as possibly No other in to try to find a way to stop the crises in Far East and middle east, the Pope will have a really busy agenda in a year he thought was going to be the one of to say good bye with his resignation.

20) Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia will be nations performing economically very well along a so intense year in the rest of the world, they will represent a new interesting and promising horizon for investors.

21) In Europe this will be a year we could see really important political changes in nations that have been relatively stable along decades, for instance opposition forces in Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece may have important advances in their goals to arrive to positions of power or alter the proportions of majority in their Parliaments.

22) a so important astronomical event will take place in 2018, there will be solar storms messing telecommunications but we will see very visible an unexpected visitor coming from far, could be a comet, asteroid or unknown planet.

Thanks for your attention

The Angel of Lightness

There will be something on September 8 or October

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